Classic Haircut - $28

A classic haircut followed with a hot lather neck shave and a neck and shoulder massage. 30-45 minutes.

Senior classic haircut - $20

A classic haircut for those 65 years and older. 30-45 minutes.

Young man's classic - $22

Ages 12 and under. 30-45 minutes.

Southern Hospitality Haircut - $45

Our signature haircut. Start with a hair shampoo in our wash house and a hot towel to help relax. Followed up with a classic hair cut, hot lather neck shave, and a neck and shoulder massage. 30-45 minutes.

The southern deluxe - $65

Both a Southern Hospitality Haircut and a Gentleman's Shave. The best of both worlds. 1-hour.

Gentleman's Shave - $30

Enjoy a relaxing hot lather shave with warm towels, lotions, and a straight razor. 30-45 minutes.

Color Camouflage - $32+

Let us take care of that grey hair, we'll make it look like it's hardly even there. Time varies with maximum at 1.5-hour.

Beard Trim - $15

Keep that beard looking clean and handsome. 15-20 minutes.


In just a matter of minutes, this skin treatment will leave your face feeling fresh, clean and the healthiest its ever been.

Eye Brow Waxing - $6

No, it's not just for women. Take care of yourself and look your absolute best.